Friday, January 6, 2012

Sirru - Shammoon ft Meera

((G)neyngeyne vaane goi bu(Em)nan
(G)visnan indhevu(Em)ney
(C)fikuraa hiyaalu(D)gaa)*2

thedheh bu(C)nanhey
handhaanthah (D)eba aaveyey
aave (C)aalaa vey
thihandhaanthah (D)mashaa ekuve(G)yey

(vaaney hiyaaluthah mashaaeky
sirreh veyey foruvifaa
hithugaaveyey nufilaaneyey
dhuvaheh bunan)*2

Chorus *2

dhuvahaku handhaanun nufilaaney
abadhahtakaa ekugaavaaney
huvafenthakun thi handhaanthah aalaavey
dhurugaaviyaas gaathuga viyas
dhuvahaku hithun nufilaaney
hithugaa thiya sirru foruvifaaveyey

ekuveyey ekuveyey....................


  1. thanks for the chords. one suggestion, if you are going to write the chords "inline" I recommend you use the chord/chordpro format. this way, they can be easily converted to a nicely formatted songsheet.

    guide here.

  2. thank you for the suggestion..:) and i will try to use that fromat..:)keep in touch

  3. Why don't you try these chords for the song.. F,Dm,B,C :) they are the original chords I got from Mira :)

  4. difference is i have posted CHORDS IN Gmaj can try F major scale..there is no problem, eventhough u get the chords from Mira...keep in touch

  5. Could I have the translation? It sounds amazing